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What is Docker?

Docker is a container management system. Then What are containers? Containers are the ideology that develops once, ship everywhere. Containers are very useful to us when moved from development to production. Once you containerized an application, you can deploy/run it everywhere.

The key points are first we create an image…

We all know that Redis is an in-memory database, which stores data in memory rather than disk. We all know that Redis is mostly used for caching and other purposes. But Redis is quite powerful than we think. Redis is not only used for caching purposes. It has many features…

What Is Redis

Redis is a key-value, in-memory database with TTL features and more. Mostly Redis is used for caching Pub/Sub and etc… One Of its Amazing features is TTL(Time To Live). TTL means we can set how many seconds the data will be live in Redis.

How To Add Redis In Django Framework

Things To Do Before Work With…


In this tutorial we are going to create Instagram stories in React-Native. It is very simple and give a better ux. Without delay lets start with code.

Create a component stories in your project.

Let’s Break Down It into pieces

At Beginning We have created a scroll view and set it to horizontal direction. …

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